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Rape Culture
Rape culture is real.
As the #MeToo movement progresses, women from all over the country risk everything to stand up and say those two simple words. I have never been assaulted, so I pondered what I could do to help. How could I show my support for these victims?
By saying my piece.
Rape culture is real. Because women are the ones who are taught how to avoid rape. I know that all women reading this are nodding along, because they already know it all. They have heard it all. Women are taught not to walk alone too late at night, to watch how men walk along the street for signs of danger. They are taught how to handle being chased down streets, how they must throw their purse through windows to set off alarms and how they must scream loudly and run towards crowded areas. Women are taught what to wear and when to wear it. They are the ones who are always asked to account for the actions of others, to structure their lives around it. Women are asked “what were you wearing?” and,
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I know her.
I know the heavy backpack, the busy hands, the focused eyes,
I know the bright computer, the completed worksheets, the slight smile when
She gets her tests back.
I see her.
Free period, books around her, the worksheet for next class ready to be done.
A charging cord plugged into her computer.
I tell her,
Never seen you charge your computer before.
She tells me,
Yeah, I forgot to charge it last night.
She wakes up at 5:30 to make lunch, coffee, and tea for her family.
She works through all her breaks to get all her assignments done.
She takes three honors classes, two of them sciences.
She has all her colleges planned out in lists of twenty.
She watches history videos in her free time.
She is Responsible.
I tell her,
That’s odd, have you ever done that before?
Nope, she tells me,
It was nice.
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Worthy of All
I was young when I first heard the question: “When a tree falls in a forest and nobody’s around to hear it, does it make a sound?” The second-grader stared at the person who had asked the question, wondering silently if someone had to be stupid to ask a dumb question. I answered that of course it did, duh. Now, when I hear that phrase, my reaction is different. No longer a sure response, but a burning question silently perched in my heart. “When did we start judging our worth as dependent upon others?” This is followed by more questions, insistent and probing, cutting apart the expectations around me. Why must we be sure that our peers, our family, our friends acknowledge us? Why is something not true unless someone else says it? Why are we not good enough for ourselves? When these questions arise, sometimes I look down at my side and think about that second-grader, so amazed by the insanity of such a bizarre and obvious question. My fall may not be heard
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Gender Effects
Whenever I talk about feminism, I like to talk about the effects that sexism has on women. Internal oppression, wage gap, rape culture, normalized dehumanization, all of these are topics that each deserve their own essay. However something I have witnessed time and time again yet do not often talk about is how sexism hurts men. I do not talk about this much because I feel that women need more immediate attention and I expect men to talk about how they are being affected. Then I realized they did not. I did not abruptly realize it when one of my male friends broke down or admitted that they liked some movie or wore a purple shirt. I realized after many years of watching my brother, one of the most amazing men I could dream of knowing, talk about what femininity meant to him. He talked about it as something impressive, something he aspired to reach in some fields, and something he respected women for. And I realized that he could not wear the clothes or colors he wanted to. He could not
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LGBT discrimination memos
The LGBT community entered the American stage most prominently after the Stonewall Riots as they fought openly for the right to live, marry, and have a job. Although they achieved that long sought after goal, those victories are now being washed away from the slate of history. The Justice Department has issued two new memos, one declaring that firing transgender people due to their gender identity is legal and the other decreeing that sexual orientation is a fireable offense as well. Their reasons are that the sex discrimination bills do not cover such denominations, and that they have been misinterpreted for political reasons by the democrats.
There are two points in this to be addressed. One is that the statute does, in fact, cover the LGBT community, as was ruled by the Supreme Court. As Chad Readler put it, “"The essential element of sex discrimination under Title VII [of the 1964 Civil Rights Act] is that employees of one sex must be treated worse than similar situated emplo
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Transgender Military
As of July 26th, 2017, the United States has stepped backwards towards discrimination again. For a mere 0.13% in budget spending, transgender citizens may no longer fight in the military. The reason? Because their procedures cost too much and transgender people lead to dysfunctionality in units. This is a blatant attack on the gender nonconforming community masked in economy, despite the fact that the military spends 10x as much on viagra as it would on gender correctional procedures. As to the claim that transgender people lead to rifts in units, so do white supremacists and homophobic and transphobic citizens, and they have no ban upon them. Instead the group of people so often targeted are once again banned from their basic rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, for those dreaming to serve their country on the battlefield are now banned from doing so. It is the country’s job to stand up and back these people so often turned on, ignored, and discriminated against. T
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American Duty
The United States has always flown high the billowing stars and stripes, always held a deep pride in its policies on freedom and equality. That is the first thing you are taught as a child, that America is the land of the free and home of the brave. Children grow up learning that in America, you pull yourself up by your bootstraps and can be anything you want. You can do anything in America. That is the American Dream. That is the spirit, the pride of America. That is the promise to its people.
We cannot back down on that promise now. America is an amazing, great country with much to give and much to receive. We are supposed to be a land of equal opportunity. Why is it then that the Dakota Access Pipeline can cross through Native American sacred land but not a white resident of Bismarck’s property? Why is it that immigrants are all being classified terrorists and another immigration ban being prepared? Why is it that transgender people can no longer enter the bathroom of their ge
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Hope for America
America is a country of hope, a country of new beginnings, a country of faith. That has never changed throughout all the wonderful presidents, all the horrible presidents, and all the weak and mediocre presidents. Our identity as a nation has never changed, our spirit and our core values remain unaltered. President Andrew Jackson sent Native Americans on the Trail of Tears and killed them off on reservations, but our identity as bringers of justice and equality did not change. President Abraham Lincoln freed African Americans from slavery, and our identity of fairness and strength was not altered. President Fillmore’s name is not remembered, but his presidency did not change our perception of America. This land of plenty, this American Dream, this ideology and hope for a fair world has not changed a bit since George Washington’s inauguration. If anything, it has grown to include people the Founding Fathers did not even think about. Disabled people, women, LGBT people, peopl
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Spoken Word Piece: Categories
Categories exist that we all gotta fit into,
No one's allowed outside of them.
Either you're a boy or you're a girl,
And guess which one is favored now?
It's happened before,
And it'll happen again.
Women's Suffrage was just the start,
And we're nowhere near the ending, no matter how much we think we are.
Women won't be oppressed anymore,
Why wait to stand when a hold up won't help?
You can't just wait for someone else to do it,
'Cause everyone is waiting for someone else.
Some women protested until they were given their rights,
The right to vote, the right to play,
The right to learn, the right to work,
And even the right to choose their own clothes.
They shouldn't have had to do all that,
Why did those have to be won instead of simply a given?
The things that were so natural for men,
What's so different about women anyway?
Women won't be oppressed anymore,
Why wait to stand when a hold up won't help?
You can't just wait for someone else to do it,
'Cause everyone is waiting for someon
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Stonewall Riots
In the 1960s, times were changing. The Civil Rights Movement was in full motion, the Vietnam War was being protested, and gay people were fighting for the right to exist. During those hard years, you could be fired for being gay, disowned for being gay, and arrested for being gay. This was no incentive for people to come out of the closet and, frankly, prison was a kinder option compared to the torment some queer people were forced to endure. Some people only had to undergo intensive talks trying to chat the gay out of them, but some therapists weren’t as nice. Electroshock therapy, branding, and lobotomies were not uncommon. Lobotomies are a process that destroys the connection between the prefrontal cortex and frontal lobes of the brain, dulling all personality a person has. Drinking and dancing were strictly forbidden, and the health department had officially classified being gay as a mental disease.
During these years, there were few gay organizations. There was the famous Ma
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My People Against The World
For my people,
who are taught that being fat is not pretty.
that being old and wrinkly is unattractive and
dressing like a boy makes us a rebel, but
dressing like a girl makes us a slut.
For my people,
who are informed that they
cannot be a good
lawyer, banker, president,
boxer, athlete, chef,
astronaut, firefighter, doctor,
writer, politician, police officer,
mechanic, supreme court justice, student,
because they’re too “pretty.”
For my people,
who are told to “man up,”
to “suck it up, princess,”
to “give men something to respect,”
to “not get so emotional,”
to “take it like a man,”
and that “a man completes you.”
For my people,
who guided slaves on the Underground Railroad,
but were the property of their husbands.
who founded the Red Cross,
but who couldn’t attend medical school without protests.
who ran the Boston Marathon,
but couldn’t formally register.
For my people,
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To My People: A Message
This one’s to my people
To everyone who ever lied to themselves to be normal
To everyone who was told that who they are was wrong
Who have been told that they are going to hell
Who could not hold hands with the one they love
Who had to wear the wrong clothes their whole life
Who ever had someone question something only they can know about themselves
To everyone who cannot find representation in media
Who ever had to explain to someone what coming out is
Who have felt like their whole world could crash and burn
With only a few words
Who have stood up and been brave about themselves
To everyone who had to hide who they are because of discrimination
This one’s to my people
To everyone who lives a double life
Who has to fight to change their birth certificates
Who has to take bakeries to court just to get a wedding cake
Who has to constantly remind people of their correct pronouns
Who has to cut 20 colleges from their applications because they are gay
To everyone who was watchi
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Shooting Stars
Star #9: Truth.
Naruto closed his eyes tightly as something slammed into him hard, sending him toppling to the ground and knocking the breath out of him. He could dimply hear a shout, but his ears were too filled with dirt to make out any words if there were any to begin with. He squeezed his eyes shut tightly, waiting for the pain to set in. Iruka-sensei had told him before that there was sometimes a moment of shock when one was injured, and then they would feel the pain. That moment of shock was taking a long time to happen.
“Move it, Naruto!” A hand grabbed his arm, wrenching him off the ground and away from whatever sent a spray of dirt against the back of his head. Naruto’s eyes popped open and he saw Tenten holding two swords, facing one of the shadowy figures. Across the battlefield, he saw Sasuke furiously blocking sword strikes from another figure.
“Naruto! Go help Sasuke!” Shouted Tenten, racing at the shadow in front of her.
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Tribute to the Fighters
When someone loses something, they have the right to fight to recover it. When someone loses a right, they have the duty to fight to recover it.
The most offensive words thrown around easily are most easily targeting people with different information processes. People attack others with mental disorders with surprising ease every day. I have heard the R word used several times a day, and no one even catches themselves. When you tell them not to use it, they are so casual about it you wonder if they even know what they are saying.
I have known ten people with these “disabilities” and I consider them to be some of the smartest people of my acquaintance. Every time I talk to them, I hear different perspectives and am forced to see things in a different light than I would have ever thought of. They think of things I would never even begin to consider and see things I miss every time. They can do things I could never do, and cannot do things I can. That makes them just like any
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Feminism Speech
When someone loses something, they have the right to fight to recover it. When someone loses a right, they have the duty to fight to recover it.
Everyone acknowledges that sexism still exists. They will point out wage gap and society’s oppressive concept of what beauty is. They will point out that school dress codes target girls more, and will talk about how slut shaming is disgraceful. They will talk about how demeaning it is that people use “throw like a girl” and how girls should be able to stand on equal footing with men. They talk about how things should be different.
Talking has never been enough. Just talking did not win the battle for voting rights for blacks, the march on Washington did a great deal of the talking. Just talking did not end the reign of the Taliban, it is still thriving. Talking is the first step, acting is the next.
This nation is founded on the backs of women. They have fought in the military for centuries, disguised as men. They have founde
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Shooting Stars
Star #8: Squeaky Wheels.
“Now then, today’s mission is-”
“I REFUSE!!” Naruto was yelling even before Rin-sensei had finished talking. He had become increasingly irritable as of late, successfully making his entire team more irritated as well.
“You haven’t even heard the mission yet!” Complained Tenten, pulling at his cheek crossly. His constant gripping was starting to grate on her nerves. Even Sasuke glared at him. He was just as frustrated over the sheer stupidity of their missions, but couldn’t the stupid blonde just suffer in silence like the rest of them?!
“But it's stupid! We’re genin, not community service workers!” Tenten yanked on his other cheek and Naruto’s next words became indistinguishable sounds.
“Them do you want to go back to the Academy and have no missions! Something is better than nothing!!”
“Not really, given what the something is,” grumbled Sasuke, louder than he
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[libero] (Nishinoya Yuu x Reader)
"It's decided." Daichi announces after one practice. "Me and Michimiya want a practice match- it'll be this Friday, so rest up! Now- we'll do stretches before we start to pack up."
"Yes!" 11 voices ring and echo around the court.
"Do you know about that new first year?" Tanaka asks as he picks up volleyballs with Noya. "They're calling her the Guardian Angel of Karasuno. Apparently she's a high caliber libero!"
Noya's about to answer when Daichi adds in his own words. "Yeah." The volleyball captain says thoughtfully. "Michimiya was going on and on about an extremely talented first year. Apparently she saved lots of balls during the Inter-High preliminaries."
"Ah, really?!" Tanaka asks Daichi enthusiastically. "That's cool! Noya, looks like you have competiti-"
"How tall is she?" Noya asks quietly, looking his captain straight in the eye.
"Her height?" Daichi looks taken aback by his unorthodox question. "Michimiya said something about her being abnormally short. She's only 158 cm tall.
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